iSurvive - Digital Roadmap for designing online interactive content

The recent and unprecedented situation of the restrictions that have been inflicted for avoiding the spread of COVID 19 has brought into light the serious deficiencies concerning online learning activities, especially when it comes to Higher education institutes. Universities might have been quick to use online platforms to broadcast their lectures.

The iSurvive project comes to help the lecturers of HE institution to transform their online courses via the use of interactive learning, gamification, and learning 2.0 which will motivate both lecturers and students to follow the online courses and further establish e-learning as a high-quality educative method and not just a forced solution.


Intellectual Outputs

  • IO1: Comparative Study: Boosting the effectiveness of online HE learning
  • IO2: Guide of Key Pedagogical Principles for Online Teaching and Learning
  • IO3: iSurvive compass: online orientation toolkit and customized digital roadmap for Interactive and Gamified content Creation
  • IO4 MOOC training